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I have been a commissioned Notary Public since October 3, 1979.

My office offers full service, which does not end when the file is closed.  We are happy to review a file with a client for the time the file information is available, usually 10 years from the closing.

My preferred area of practice is real estate conveyancing.  Conveyance is the formal name for title transfers of real property.  We also specialize in mortgages: conventional mortgages as well as collateral mortgages (Lines of Credit or Loan Agreements secured by your home).

I also prepare simple Wills (pay at the age of 19, rather than creating trusts to pay at the age of 25 or 30), Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Representation Agreements.

We draft Travel permission Affidavits which are important when you are travelling outside of Canada with a minor.  Usually the parent(s) staying behind must give permission for the child to travel with an adult.

As a notary public I take sworn declarations and affidavits for use within British Columbia as well as the rest of the world.

5 Reasons you and your loved ones should have a Will.

1. Create Certainty when there are changes in your family

Creating a Will and ensuring that all documents are up-to-date is very important for the many people whose relationship status has changed. Changes can include marriage, separation, divorce, or a birth or death in the family. A Will ensures your assets are divided or assigned just the way you currently wish them to be.

2. Arrange Long-Term care for dependent children

A Will enables you to designate who would care for your dependent children if you die. While that is something most parents don’t want to have to think about, if you don’t designate custody, the decision may be made by a stranger through the BC Court System.

3. Protect your pets

For many British Columbians, pets are family. Most people want to ensure their pets will continue to receive loving care, as they do now, if something happens to the owner. A Will can designate those provisions.

4. Reduce conflict within the family

Careful planning now with a legal professional can eliminate – or at least reduce – stress, taxes, and conflict among loved ones of the deceased. Without personal planning documents, there can be doubt, anxiety, hurt feelings, and delays. The kindest thing you can do for your loved ones is to have your legal affairs in good order.

5. Solidify circumstances around homeownership

If you share ownership of your home with a partner or others, it’s important to understand exactly how you own the property. Shared ownership can be structured in various ways. That structure can directly impact what happens to the ownership of your home if you die. Margot can do a title search for you and then discuss the various options available to ensure your wishes are feasible and that your Will is clear.

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Margot R. Rutherford has been a commissioned Notary Public since October 3, 1979.

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